Price List

Description GBP (£) USD ($)
Overflight/landing permits per country where applicable 60.00 90.00
Block/multiple permits per country/per month 150.00 225.00
Notifications where applicable 25.00 40.00
Arranging ground handling set up per airport 25.00 40.00
Agents fees where applicable At Cost + 10% At Cost + 10%
En-route Navigation fees At Cost + 10% At Cost + 10%



Helicopter and microlight flights will be appraised on type of flights and routes flown.

Please kindly note these flights do entail a lot of extra work.

All prices are inclusive!

We do not charge for two permits where we apply for outbound and inbound permits (where allowed) at the same time. We charge as one permit!

“I was getting totally disalussioned with permit companies quoting me ‘all in’ prices only to receive invoices months later for ‘extras’. You guys are a refreshing change”

Actual quotes from our clients