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A world-class aircraft ferrying service

White Rose Aviation, backed by 40 years aviation experience solely specialising in obtaining overflight and landing permits worldwide are here to help you, 24/7/365!

Overflight flight clearance specialists covering overflight and landing permits, diplomatic clearances, worldwide flight planning, hotel accommodation, traffic rights, ground handling and more.

Beware of imitations!

The original aircraft ferrying specialists

White Rose Aviation have over 40 years experience in the aircraft ferrying business. We pride ourselves on the quality, comprehensive service we provide, ensuring your aircraft is delivered safely and on time. Whether you are buying or selling or you already own an aircraft that you require moving to an alternative location, we will take care of the entire process, maintaining reliability and safety throughout the journey.

Our tailored aircraft ferrying service

Through our committed service we have developed an efficient aircraft ferrying process that we apply to all of our clients projects, no matter how big or small. Whether your aircraft is single engined or twin, whether you require transfer across a country, continent or entire oceans: we have decades worth of dependable, worldwide contacts to get your craft from A to B.

We utilise our extensive list of industry contacts in conjunction with our vast experience to offer an all-inclusive flight support service. We obtain clearance documents for safe passage across a multitude of airspaces and secure landing permits for both refuelling purposes and overnight stays. Our substantial experience enables us to plan the most effective and direct of routes to ensure safety for the pilots we employ and your aircraft, whilst maintaining cost efficiency for our customers.

White Rose Aviation: round the world flight planners

Our experience in flight planning is second to none; we obtain overflight and landing permits for pilots all over the globe, including diplomatic clearance for flying through or over restricted airspace. When we plan your flight path for ferrying your aircraft, we take everything into consideration: from finding the most reliable pilots, to their accommodation should the journey require a stop over; from safe refuelling opportunities to overflight permissions.

The White Rose Aviation team work around the clock to ensure your aircraft is supported throughout its ferrying journey. No matter what time zone the pilot may be flying through, we are there to provide the proper flight clearances required. Our aircraft ferrying service is worldwide, so whether you are based in the U.S. or the U.K. we can deliver you aircraft directly to you.

In the time between take-off and landing, we treat your aircraft as if it were our own. We take the safety of our clients aircraft very seriously. Having worked in the aviation industry as long as we have we understand just how important your aircraft is to you. White Rose Aviation make it a priority make their aircraft ferrying service as stress free as possible for all of our customers, ensuring that your plane is delivered exactly how you would expect it to be.

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