Obtaining a permit to fly aircraft

Obtaining a permit to fly aircraft

White Rose Aviation, backed by 40 years aviation experience solely specialising in obtaining overflight and landing permits worldwide are here to help you, 24/7/365!

Overflight flight clearance specialists covering overflight and landing permits, diplomatic clearances, worldwide flight planning, hotel accommodation, traffic rights, ground handling and more.

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White Rose Aviation have been in the overflight industry for over forty years, supplying clients and customers from all over the globe with every type of permit or clearance for flight and landing purposes. We offer an affordable and reliable service that has earned us a very respectable reputation within the overflight permit community, something we are very proud of and work hard to maintain.

Why do you need a permit to fly aircraft?

The international civil aviation organisation are the body responsible for issuing each aircraft in service with a Certificate of Airworthiness (COA), whether that aircraft is a helicopter for private use or a passenger jet for commercial charter, a COA is in the main a legal requirement. If a COA is not issued then that aircraft must not be flown.

There are some situations however where a permit to fly may be issued to aircraft that are not deemed airworthy. The rules and regulations around these permits are typically complicated. This is why we heartily suggest using a reliable overflight agency like White Rose Aviation who have considerable experience obtaining all manner of overflight permits, including permits for special circumstances.

The different types of permit to fly aircraft

There are two main types of permits granted to a range of aircraft in a variety of circumstances. What these aircraft have in common is their lack of a COA. Here at White Rose Aviation, we have an abundance of experience liaising with the Civil Aviation Authority in order to achieve permits to fly for a range of aircraft that fall into this category.

Permanent permits to fly are only issued for non-commercial, non-complex aircraft used for leisure flights. A National permit to fly restricts you to the country of origin’s airspace alone and is intended for aircraft that will never meet the requirements for airworthiness; aircraft such as amateur built, ex-military, gyroplanes or microlights.

Temporary permits to fly are issued to aircraft that are temporarily unworthy of safe flight. You may need us to organise a check flight or positioning flight for your aircraft, which we would do after acquiring a temporary permit to fly.

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Whether you require a permanent or temporary permit to fly for your aircraft, whether you need a national permit or whether you’re not sure and require further information on how to obtain these permits – look no further than White Rose Aviation. We’re proud of our upfront pricing structure, which you can view on our website. Should you require any further information regarding our costings, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch via phone, email or via our contact page. site.

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