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White Rose Aviation, backed by 40 years aviation experience solely specialising in obtaining overflight and landing permits worldwide are here to help you, 24/7/365!

Overflight flight clearance specialists covering overflight and landing permits, diplomatic clearances, worldwide flight planning, hotel accommodation, traffic rights, ground handling and more.

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White Rose Aviation: Overflight clearance you can count on

When traversing entire continents, across multiple airspaces, time-zones and oceans, you need to be certain that your overflight clearance company offer a dependable and comprehensive service. White Rose Aviation boast 40 years worth of aviation experience, specialising in obtaining permits for overflight and landing purposes. We have worked tirelessly to ensure our customers have worldwide, round the clock support.

Affordable, reliable and methodical flight clearance specialists

Overflight clearance is required in most countries before an aircraft enters their airspace or lands at one of their airports. There are a minefield of rules and regulations that White Rose Aviation will smoothly guide you through. Wherever you are in the world, whatever time, we are there to obtain the necessary permits you require to gain overflight clearance. Whether you are ferrying an aircraft, if you’re a private pilot or running a cargo/passenger charter flight, we aim to remove the stress of obtaining the necessary permits for long-haul air travel, so that you can concentrate on flying.

We offer an affordable pricing structure, and we’re completely open about our chargers. Beware of companies quoting ‘all inclusive’ prices, as you may find that by the time your reach your destination, a number of ‘extras’ from the small print may have found their way on to your invoice. Our charges are free to view here.

Experienced in gaining overflight permission

Here at White Rose Aviation we are well versed in obtaining the necessary overflight permits for a host of different aircraft, across wide-ranging distances that stretch all over the globe. Whether you’re flying a passenger-charter or an ex-military aircraft, a corporate jet or a micro-light, we know the laws that apply to the vessel you’re travelling in, and what you will need to complete your journey with the correct overflight permissions.

The procedure in which overflight permits are applied for and issued varies from country to country, some clearances are more difficult to obtain than others, which is where having plenty of experience and contacts within those countries comes in extremely useful. We have contacts right up to embassy level as diplomatic clearance over some countries is sometimes necessary, dependent on political factors.

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Look no further than White Rose Aviation for all of your overflight permit needs. Whether you are a private individual, company or corporation, we’ll provide a service on which you can wholly rely. Reach us via email, telephone or through our online contact form on the ‘contact us’ section of our website.

For further information regarding our overflight clearance services, please get in touch with one of our friendly team.