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Overflight permit specialists for over four decades

White Rose Aviation, backed by 40 years aviation experience solely specialising in obtaining overflight and landing permits worldwide are here to help you, 24/7/365!

Overflight flight clearance specialists covering overflight and landing permits, diplomatic clearances, worldwide flight planning, hotel accommodation, traffic rights, ground handling and more.

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Overflight permit expertise from White Rose Aviation

Our customers represent a multitude of different aviation backgrounds, hail from all over the globe and fly in different time-zones, yet they return to our team at White Rose Aviation for our overflight permit expertise. We offer a comprehensive and dependable service backed by an impressive forty years worth of experience within the overflight industry. Over this time we have worked tirelessly to ensure our quality of service matches our reputation.

Effective, affordable and dependable flight permit specialists

Before your aircraft can fly over a country, through their airspace or land on their runways, overflight permits must be obtained. We specialise in the acquisition of these permits for both landing and overflight purposes, providing you with round the clock support so that wherever you are in the world, we have you covered. The laws surrounding overflight permits for flight clearance are plentiful and without the industry knowledge and contacts, they’re potentially very expensive to navigate.

Wherever you are in the world regardless of the time, White Rose Aviation have the industry experience and contacts to obtain your permits. Trust us when we say; whether you are a private pilot, if you’re delivering an aircraft or running a passenger charter, independently organising your own overflight permits will be both stressful and costly. We offer a very reasonable pricing structure, thanks to our worldwide contacts we’re able to source the lowest fares and feed those savings back to our customers.

We’re proudly open about our costings, what you are quoted is what you will pay. There are no additional extras added to your invoice during or after your journey, so you can easily budget for your excursion. You can view our charges here.

Experienced in obtaining overflight permits

Whether you’re flying an ex-military aircraft or a microlight, White Rose Aviation have considerable experience in obtaining the necessary overflight permits for a plethora of different aircraft, across a variety of distances that span the globe. We know what documents you require for the country you are travelling through and the laws that apply to the type of aircraft you’re involved with are second nature to us: overflight and landing permits are our business.

Working with clients all over the globe has afforded us with priceless experience and numerable contacts in countries all over the globe. The application process for overflight permits differs in each of these countries. Through using our contacts and forty years of international flight planning experience, we can gain your permits efficiently, reliably and affordably.

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