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White Rose Aviation, backed by 40 years aviation experience solely specialising in obtaining overflight and landing permits worldwide are here to help you, 24/7/365!

Overflight flight clearance specialists covering overflight and landing permits, diplomatic clearances, worldwide flight planning, hotel accommodation, traffic rights, ground handling and more.

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Round the world flight planning services from White Rose Aviation

Thorough flight planning is vital – even on the shortest flight – and a round the world flight calls for an in-depth, professional approach to ensure everything runs smoothly and safely. Here at White Rose Aviation we are leading round the world flight planners, with more than forty years of expertise in helping our clients get to where they need to be with the minimum of fuss and disruption.

Accurate flight planning can help you avoid a number of pitfalls including falling foul of regulations or infringement of airspace. The starting point for a safe round the world flight is thorough planning, and our services are designed to cover everything from special flight permits, diplomatic clearances, landing clearances, re-fuelling, customs and hotel accommodation.

Every flight is unique and as such our services are tailor made to meet the requirements of each individual client. Whether you are an experienced pilot or about to embark on your very first round the world route, we’ll use our expertise to provide you with the support you need throughout.

Accurate flight planning

Flying around the world calls for an accurate, dependable flight plan. Our highly experienced team take great pride in delivering accurate weather briefs and optimal route plans, offering you the reassurance that your flight is in safe hands. We use the most reliable and dependable data to ensure you have the information you need to support your specific aircraft and requirements.

When planning an international flight we believe that paperwork shouldn’t have to hold you up and we have the skills and contacts to make round the world flight planning as simple as possible. We’ll help you navigate through global rules and regulations, ensuring your route is as efficient as possible whilst meeting local requirements. Regardless of how complex your route, we’ll ensure every permit you need is obtained quickly, keeping unnecessary delays to an absolute minimum.

Our services can help you keep control of the cost of a round the world flight, offering you extra value in areas such as aircraft performance and accurate fuel burn. We are proud of our highly competitive fee structure but although our prices are low, we never compromise on the quality and efficiency of our services. The price we quote is the price you’ll pay and because we provide a transparent pricing structure, we’ll never make any unexpected charges once your flight is complete.

Ground services

Round the world flights involve numerous stops and we’ll work hard to ensure any ground services you need are covered. From hangar services and re-fuelling, through to hotel accommodation and transport, we’ll take care of the details leaving you free to look forward to your long distance flight.

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