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Special flight permits are notoriously difficult to obtain, simply because of the circumstances in which they are issued. When an aircraft is capable of safe flight but for one reason or another does not meet that countries airworthiness regulations, then a special flight permit is required. The process varies from country to country, airspace to airspace and can be quite difficult. For over 40 years, White Rose Aviation have been making the process of obtaining a special flight permit simple and easy.

The circumstances in which special flight permits are required

As mentioned, there are a number of situations that require special flight permits and after 40 years in business, we have experienced them all. Here are some of the most regular occurrences we have come across:

  • In case of immediate danger where aircraft evacuation is required.
  • Delivery of newly produced aircraft to a storage location location or owner.
  • Permission for aircraft that have passed initial safety tests and are ready to make demonstration flights.
  • Aircraft still in production that require test flights.
  • Where servicing or maintenance is required and clearance for aircraft ferrying or delivery is required.

Obtaining a special flight permit with White Rose Aviation

All of our clients have very separate, precise requirements that vary from diplomatic clearances to landing permits, refuelling permits to of course, special flight permits. There are lots of rules and regulations involved within air travel that are tricky to negotiate. Any aircraft that wishes to pass thorough a country’s airspace or land on their soil will require clearances and permits to achieve their aim. Each clearance or permit varies in its difficulty to obtain and we are well versed in gaining all manner of landing clearances and overflight permits.

Special flight permits are a little different from our usual clearance papers however. There could be a number of different reasons that your aircraft does not meet the criteria for airworthiness, the regulations of which differ from country to country and a special flight permit for the UK does not necessarily clear you for France for example. The use of a reliable and reputable overflight company is your insurance for safe, uninterrupted air travel under these circumstances. Through years of experience, we know the intricacies of obtaining special flight permits inside out.

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